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Aller-Tox 1by Physica Energetics Aller-Tox 1by Physica Energetics
Allergy Detoxification< Allergy Detoxification< The #8 Allergy formula is used for any kind of sensitivity or reaction to any kind of food, environmental agent or substance. The effects of environmental pollution, chemical additives and pesticides are known to compromise our immune system.
Allergy-Prev by Guna
For the temporary relief of pollen allergy due to the following herbal families: Grass family, sunflower family, nettle family.

For the temporary relief of symptoms due to seasonal allergies such as:
- Sneezing
- Runny nose
- Itchy eyes
- Watery eyes

Drug Facts
Uses: For the temporary relief of symptoms doe to seasonal allergies such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes.

Homeopathic allergy support.
HistaEze 120 Caps by Designs for Health
May give temporary relief of sinus congestion due to hay fever and allergic rhinitis. HistaEze™ is designed to help support and counteract some of the main symptoms and immune reactions associated with environmental allergies.
Lymph 2 Matrix by Physica Nazanol 30 Tab by Metagenics
Lymphatic Drainage and Detox
Suffering from nasal and sinus
congestion puts a damper on your workday and your social life. Postnasal
drip can leave you feeling like your head is underwater, and if sinus
congestion continues, it can lead to respiratory infections.
Nazanol provides a combination of herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine to support healthy nasal and sinus function.
Seasonal Allergy Kit designed to help relieve your allergy symptoms naturally.