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Crystal Rays Amethyst Mat Large
Crystal Rays Amethyst Mat Large


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Large Far Infrared Ray Mat

Contains amethyst crystals and a mixture a powdered germanium, tourmaline, and ceramics to produce biologically active far infrared.

Heating system: Silicone & Carbon Fiber heated wire.

Features: Soft materials enables mat to roll up or fold for convenience.

Heating controller that ranges from 14C (57.2 F) to 70C (158.0 F)

and is adjustable in 1 degree centigrade increments.

Travel bag with handles is included in price.

Dimensions: 70 X 31 inches Weight 21.5lbs.


Crystal Rays Temperature Controller

Adjustable dial to raise or lower the temperature in 1 degree centigrade increments. Maximum temperature 70 degrees Celsius what is equals to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

LED Temperature Display in Celsius

On and off button

A 13-foot electric cord connects to a standard household outlet (120 Volts), and features a standard 3-way grounded power prong.

About Crystal Rays Mats & Pillows

Crystal Rays mats makes use of NASA technology to produce natural Far Infrared rays. These Far Infrared rays (FIR) are produced with common electric current and special earth minerals. Science has shown beneficial effects when more FIR is introduced into the body. Crystal Ray mats and pillows contain rare earth minerals which work superior to other FIR products on the market.

The beneficial effects of far-infrared rays begin as soon as you sit, lie down, or just lean onto the Crystal Rays mats or pillows. Amethyst, germanium, and tourmaline are used to fine-tune the FIR frequency—this promotes uncompromised function. Normal heat is converted into FIR by the earth crystals. This FIR heat penetrates into the body and increases biological functions. The crystal minerals become warmer and warmer in temperature and release more and more far-infrared heat that the body can feel and benefit from.

Numerous research studies have been conducted world-wide which demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of FIR. Only far-infrared transfers energy solely in the form of heat which is perceived by the thermo receptors in human skin as radiant heat. This radiant heat warms up the localized area, triggering an increase in lymphatic and cardiovascular function.

Crystal Rays mats and pillows should not be confused with other FIR products on the market. FIR is composed of various wave lengths. Long-wave FIR is used in space heaters to warm the people and objects in the room for energy efficiency. Short-wave FIR must be close to the object in order to penetrate and warm it. It is this short-wave FIR which Crystal Rays mats and pillows utilize. Additionally, the rare earth minerals in the Crystal Rays mats and pillows are used to change the frequency of the FIR into energy which can revitalize the body.

What are Far Infrared Rays?

Far-infrared rays, known as FIR, are invisible rays produced widely in nature. The sun produces FIR in the form of invisible light spectrums. The human body emits its own FIR, and certain minerals and mineral composites radiate FIR.

Amethyst, tourmaline, geranium, made into ceramics or as the pure crystals are able to radiate FIR when heat is applied to the stones. The heat supplied via electricity or the radiant heat from the human body can both activate the FIR from these minerals and composites. The more heat that is supplied to the minerals, the more FIR is produced. Far-infrared technology requires relatively little energy to increase the body temperature, thus it is an efficient way to maintain health.

Research shows that the human body easily absorbs FIR. The benefits are that far-infrared heat stimulates blood circulation and the movement of all bodily fluids throughout the body—including lymphatic fluids. The increase of FIR in the body increases production of enzymes that degrade biological damaging molecules.

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