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Earth #1- Alcohol Free by NET ER 911 #9 (alcohol-free) by NET Remedies
The #8 Allergy formula is used for any kind of sensitivity or reaction to any kind of food, environmental agent or substance. The effects of environmental pollution, chemical additives and pesticides are known to compromise our immune system. Earth can help with general problems in the mouth or digestive track. The #9 ER 911® formula is the most in-demand remedy of all the NET Remedies® formulas. It is recommended as a support during emotional, mental and physical trauma, as well as for patients who have just had an accident, or whom have had surge
Flu Immune #12 by NET
#5 Fire can help with many heart, vascular, or circulation conditions.
The #7 Flora Plus formula corresponds with bowel and yeast symptoms of all kinds. Direct physical indicators can be associated with reactions to the ingestion of bread, acids, wines and fermentable foods-those with sugar or yeast. Immune is for the relief of flu-related symptoms such as aches,
Night Vitals #22 by NET
#2 Metal can help with Lung and Large Intestine conditions, as well as grief-type situations.
#22 Night Vitals is formulated to enhance the body’s natural healing process by stimulating integration and detoxification as the body continues through its ongoing 24-hour meridian cycles. Pain Relief is recommended for the relief of general pain, including symptoms related to joints, bones, muscles, minor bruises, spinal pain, and arthritis.
The #6 Para Solve formula corresponds with gastro-intestinal symptoms of all kinds. Scars and physical injuries of all kinds The #11 Visceral Polarity formula corresponds with brain and nerve-related conditions, as well as the family of emotions related to false pride and shame.
#3 Water can help with kidney and bladder conditions, as well spinal disc problems. #4 Wood can help with many digestive problems, headaches and eye-related conditions. #4 Wood is correlated with the acupuncturist's "green" Wood Element. The organs/ meridians associated with the Wood Element Are the Liver and Gall Bladder. Designed to support the functions of androgen in the male body. Androgens are the group of sex hormones that give men their male characteristics and are crucial to reproductive function.
Designed to support the functions of estrogen in the female body. Estrogen imbalance can manifest in a variety of symptoms, including water retention (bloating), irritability, breast tenderness and irregular menstrual cycle.