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Soluna spagyric medicines provide physicians with a simple, yet truly effective solution to the multi-faceted, complex problems plaguing modern day patients. Provide your patients with the absolute highest quality biological medicines that can effectively regulate systems/organs, initiate self-healing, safely eliminate dysfunctions at their sources, and alleviate all related symptoms. With over 95 years of clinical use, this advanced line of 21 medications is suitable for a large number of patients and used by top physicians across the globe.

Advanced Biological Remedies produced in Germany since 1921

Soluna makes it simple to address the multitude of underlying dysfunctions in patients. By aiming to restore proper function to systems and organs of the body, Soluna is considered a complete medicine that initiates self-healing and does so in an efficient, gentle and safe manner.

Key features of Soluna Medicines:

  • Combines homeopathy and herbology into single combination oral remedies
  • Uses ultra-high quality plants, herbs, minerals, and metals
  • Works on biochemical, psycho-emotional (PNEI System), and informational levels of the human
  • 21 main medicines - simple system that allow for dynamic and holistic protocols
  • Systematic action - works on systems and organs to help restore proper functioning and alleviate symptoms at their source