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a high bioavailability double-strength zinc supplement* a complete mineral formula of highly absorbable citrate chelates without copper and iron the bioactive form of vitamin B6
PerfusiaVET 120 Caps by Thorne Research
natural-source gamma-aminobutyric acid Containing 8 mg of biotin per vegetarian capsule

Sustained-release L-arginine for superior effect

  • supports cardiovascular health
  • supports equine hoof health
  • promotes healthy immune function
GlutathioneVET 60 caps by Thorne Research
Red yeast rice extract with coenzyme Q10 for support of already normal cholesterol levels*

proprietary, stomach-acid resistant probiotic blend for gastrointestinal health*

  • support for digestive and immune health*
  • enhances balance of good bacteria in the gut*
  • heat-stable human origin strains no refrigeration needed
  • dairy-free product in an acid-resistant capsule

Sustained-release glutathione for essential antioxidant support

  • available exclusively from Thorne Vet
  • an important breakthrough in glutathione supplementation
  • essential antioxidants and support for normal hepatic detoxification
patented, water-soluble modified citrus pectin in a powder A superior neuroprotective formulation*