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Neuro-Immune syndromes are those that affect both the nervous system and immune system. Often, these are primary nervous system problems, primary immune system problems, or a combination of both. Many neuro-immune syndromes found in children include Lyme disease, Autism, ADHD/ADD, mitochondrial dysfunction, chronic infections, gastrointestinal issues and muscle tone and weakness. In adults, neuro-immune syndromes may include fatigue, anxiety, cognitive dysfunction and degenerative problems.

The Solamar Solution is proud to to provide the most cutting edge program designed to nutritionally, energetically, and homeopathically support this rapidly growing class of neuro-immune disorders. The Solamar Solution's Advanced Neuro-Immune Program targets the nutritional and energetic deficiencies associated with complicated neuro-immune disorders affecting millions today.

Research in the field of neuro-immune disorders has discovered that almost all people suffering with these types of disorders have two genetic deficiencies: Vitamin D Deficiency and methylation deficiency. to resolve there deficiencies, the body's methylation process must be addressed. Methylation is the process of converting water soluble vitamins (such as vitamin B-12, folic acid and vitamin D) to a fat soluble stat so they can properly delivered to the nervous and immune systems.

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P3pro System 2011 (Precision Pulsed Plasma for Professional)
The new P3pro professional research system (2011) represents extensive improvements over the previous P3pro models.  The new styling, slightly more compact and portable enclosure now allows for ultra-high impedance accessories, features not previously considered possible to be shared within such a high voltage system.

The P3pro includes the latest PFG2Z technology including output capabilities for the various electrode pads and ICS accessories. The new P3pro version INCLUDES the accessory options and cables for use with this device.

    Fundamental Frequency: to over 100,000 Hz
    Light weight and compact dimensions suitable for easy transport and shipping
    Auto switching power supply (110/220 VAC)
    Status/Failsafe system with LED indicator
    Plasma tube with proprietary gas mixture
    Includes ICS, and contact acessories with necessary cables