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Endura Guard 60 caps by Perque apo-ENTERIT by Pekana apo-STOM by Pekana
PERQUE Endura/PAK Guard provides exceptional nutritional support for muscular stamina and mental sharpness. It contains a unique combination of L-glutamine and pyridoxal alpha-ketoglutarate (PAK). For treatment of diarrhea, abdominal cramps, portal vein stagnation and inflammation of the intestinal tract caused by infections and food poisoning. For treatment of functional diseases of the stomach and intestines, and hyperacidity
INTESTICIDIN - Nano Detox 8 fl by Premier Labs Interfase 60 caps by Klaire Labs
Probiotic-Derived Formula
Featuring ND Technology™

Premier Detoxification and
Gastrointestinal Support

Specialized enzymes disrupt biofilm matrix embedding potential gastrointestinal pathogens For elimination of toxins in liver, lymphatic system and kidneys
Nat Colon CLR by Physica Energtics INTERFASE PLUS 120 caps by Klaire Labs Ultra Flora Plus DF Capsules 60 Caps by Metagenics
Colon Cleansing & Detoxification Specialized enzymes and EDTA disrupt biofilm matrix embedding potential gastrointestinal pathogens. Ultra Flora Plus DF is a patented† probiotic formula blended with a non-dairy powder that provides highly viable, pure strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM® strain) and Bifidobacterium lactis along with supportive factors
Saccharomyces boulaudii Forte by Physica Energetics
Gut Resistance to Pathogen Support Provides high-strength digestion aid for a full range of foods.

For more than a decade, the flagship product of DrNatura, the Colonix Advanced Internal Cleansing Program, has been one of the most popular colon cleanse systems to detoxify the body. It includes: Colonix Intestinal Cleanser, a cleansing fiber supplement; Paranil capsules with liver detoxifying herbs; and KleriTea soothing herbal tea.*

Powered by more than 40 herbs, Colonix Program thoroughly cleanses the colon and liver to detoxify the body of accumulated build-up.*

  • Promotes regularity & digestive health*
  • Helps relieve poor digestion, including gas, bloating & occasional constipation*
  • Supports a healthy liver*
  • Detoxifies the body in 3 easy steps*
  • Made of all natural & vegetarian ingredients
Laminaria 120 caps by Physica Energetics

HLC Mindlinx Capsules

The first probiotic specifically developed for those with gluten and casein intolerance including: Autism, ADHD, Celiac & food allergies.

Some Interesting Facts:

  • Up to 50% of Autistic and ADHD Sufferers co-present with Intestinal Symptoms.
  • Proven intestinal pathology alongside Autism and ADHD includes leaky gut, inflamation and overt colitis.
  • This gut pathology is related to sensitivity to certain foods especially gluten-containing grains and dairy products.
  • Intestinal symptoms and Autism/ADHD severity decrease when exclusion dairy and wheat diets are introduced.
  • This link is due to gluten and dairy proteins being broken down in the gut into peptides with opiate properties similar to endorphins and opiate drugs.
  • These dietary 'Exorphins' are absorbed from the gut and reach the brain where they cause symptoms associated with autism.

Up until now, the only recourse has been to exclude these exorphin-generating foods from the diet. However, the problems is that it is not only gluten-containing and dairy foods that generate exorphinsmeat and even some vegetables also generate exorphins.

This is why Pharmax has developed HLC MindLinx, a completely new type of probiotic that combines the original HLC High Potency product with tow new strains that can break down these damaging exorphins in the gut...before they can be absorbed!

Supplement Facts


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 capsules
Servings per Container: 60

Each Serving Contains

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value


600 mg


N-Acetyl Glucosamine

400 mg


Larch Arabinogalactans (Larix occidentalis)

150 mg


Quercetin dehydrate min 90% by HPLC

100 mg


Gamma Oryzanol

80 mg


DGL (deglycyrrhized licorice)

80 mg


Lactobacillus sporogenes

50 mg


Ginkgo Extract 50:1

40 mg


* Daily Value not established


Other Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule, Magnesium Citrate. May contain Ascorbyl Palmitate and/or Silica. Contains crustacean Fish (Lobster, Crab or Shrimp).

Does Not Contain: Coatings, binders, sugar, preservatives or hydrogenated oil.


Radiation, Heavy Metals, Chelation, Thyroid, Pathogens
Inflamma Life Force 90 caps by Physica Energetics Endura Guard 180 caps by Perque
Arabinogalactan Powder provides gastrointestinal, liver, and immune support. Support for Inflammatory Conditions PERQUE Endura/PAK Guard provides exceptional nutritional support for muscular stamina and mental sharpness. It contains a unique combination of L-glutamine and pyridoxal alpha-ketoglutarate (PAK).
GALT-FORTIFIER- 90CAPS BY PHYSICA ENERGETICS Candisol 120 caps by Bairn Biologics

Revolutionary Intestinal Repair Formula

  • Support for healthy intestinal mucosa and gastrointestinal function.
  • Innovative detoxification formula, supports glutathione production
  • Support for healthy sulfation and methylation.
  • May help with food reactions, including casein and gluten.

 IntestiMend is an innovative sulfur, gastrointestinal, and detoxification support supplement that utilizes a broad range of sulfur-based accessory nutrients. Its active ingredients are sulfur-containing biotin, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, Methylsufonylmethane (MSM), a very small amount of N-acetyl cysteine as a synergist, along with calcium D-glucarate that helps to detoxify the gut and catalyze the formation of glycosaminoglycans, N-acetyl glucosamine as an anti-microbial and gut  anti-inflammatory, and D-ribose, the sugar molecule backbone of the ribonucleic acid of DNA and RNA.

A healthy gastrointestinal tract is lined with a protective barrier of sulfate that appears to provide resistance to a wide range of biological, viral/immunological, dietary, inflammatory and toxicological challenges. Compromises in sulfation chemistry from toxin exposure may diminish this natural resistance that normally provides a protective cell barrier function in the GI tract as well as the other organs and tissues of the body.

IntestiMend is designed to provide precursor, multi-elemental and catalyst support for the cellular protective barrier called Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS), which are predominantly composed of sulfur-bearing amino acids bonded to polysaccharide sugar molecules, which are very often dysfunctional in the damaged intestines of children on The Spectrum. Many parents of children on the Feingold Diet that have had accidental ingestions of restricted foods or additives have reported that IntestiMend completely halts the severe reaction from these foods within 20-30 minutes. While it has not been yet demonstrated, it may function in a similar manner with gluten/casein food ingestions for children on the GFCF diet as well. IntestiMend also works very well as a daily sulfur support supplement for children presenting with low sulfur/sulfate.

Small Intestine Immune Support
Yeast mangement
IB Synergy™ offers comprehensive support for intestinal health while targeting the brain-gut connection. The Colonix Program gently but effectively cleanses the colon of toxic waste, detoxifies the liver and restores regularity while helping you to gain more energy and a flatter stomach.