Earth Pearls by Classical Pearls

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The unique design of Earth Pearls reflects the 12th century formula Wuji San (Five Accumulation Powder) from the official Song dynasty pharmacopoeia, Taiping Huimin hejiju fang. It seeks to provide a comprehensive approach to all Earth organ dysfunction, especially the typical situation of Spleen qi deficiency intertwined with dampness, which results in the common symptoms of poor digestion, poor immunity, over-growth by yeast and other pathogenic organisms, and consequential blood deficiency issues. All Chinese herbal traditions tend to pivot around an Earth centered approach to healing, attempting to restore the Spleen’s ability to ascend, move, and transform on one side, and to invigorate the Stomach’s ability to descend, contain, and excrete on the other. The lifting components of Earth Pearls (especially the minister ingredient, Platycodon) make it a prototypical taiyin remedy, strengthening the connection between the Spleen and Lung systems. Its drying components (primarily its imperial ingredient, Red Atractylodes) make it a prototypical remedy that transforms damp, prevents phlegm development, and expels wind. Due to its anti-wind properties, Wuji San was once regarded as the Song dynasty’s main remedy for symptoms that are strikingly similar to what modern society refers to as the flu. It can also be considered for chronic wind disturbances in the skin layer and nervous systems accompanied by chronic digestion issues. Its blood tonic ingredients, furthermore, can treat potential blood deficiency sequelae that tend to follow long-standing qi problems, such as menstrual issues in Spleen deficient women.
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