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GALT Fortifier may assist in the repair of the small intestine via restoring digestive and immune function through the dissolution of excess mucus build-up whilst nourishing/igniting Peyer's patches.
Okra and pepsin work in concert to break down the excess, compromised mucus covering. Okra is a sticky, mucilaginous botanical substance capable of adhering to the built up mucus on the intestinal wall. This in turn allows the proteolytic enzyme pepsin to contact and break
down excess protein-based mucus. Pre-digested white fish protein (Aminotides) provides essential amino acids and polypeptides to restore the integrity of the mucosal lining, while beta 1,3-D glucan and colostrum nourish the immune cells of the PeyerÂ’s patches. Nourishment of the Gut Associated Lymphoid

Tissue with GALT Fortifier may:
1. Stimulate interlukin-2, cytokines, and macrophage
2. Provide essential immunoglobulins
3. Elevate non-specific antibodies
4. Increase white blood cells
5. Block viruses and bacteria from inhabiting the
digestive tract and lungs
6. Reduce allergic/sensitivity reactions

GALT Fortifier is a superior remedy is designed to target gut-associated infections, inflammation, and/or immune healing strategies. GALT Fortifier is strongly recommended as a first step in Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways to assist the patient in setting a healthy
and balanced foundation upon which to build.

Two capsules contain: Beta 1,3-D Glucan 300 mg, Colostrum (first 12 hour Organic Bovine) 900 mg, Fish protein 250 mg, Okra 100 mg, Pepsin 1:10,000 20 mg

Dosage: 1-3 capsules daily between meals

Traditionally may assist with:  
Peyer's Patches Digestive disorders
Crohn's / Dysbiosis / IBS Colitis
Malabsorption syndromes Mycoplasmas
Mycotoxins Immune deficiency
Inflammation Allergies