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GB-40 Yuan Source by Physica 60 capsules

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Gallbladder Drainage & Tonification

GB-40 Yuan Source is a highly, specialised, uniquely balanced formula containing , target enzymes European,
Chinese, South American and Ayurvedic organic botanicals and bile salts to help support the health of the
liver and gall bladder as well as assist with the emulsification and absorption of dietary fats. “GB-40 Yuan
Source” is a TCM acupuncture point which is considered by many to be a clearing, master, gall bladder
acupuncture point. Yuan-Source points stimulates the vital energy of the regular meridians, regulates the functional activities of the internal organs, reinforces anti-pathogenic factors and eliminates pathogenic factors. This
method of treating diseases deals principally with the root causes. This organ system is most active between 11p.m. and 1a.m. Restless sleep or waking during these times can be attributed to congestion or “disharmony “ in
this organ system.

One of the liver’s main jobs is to make bile, an amazing 1 to 1½ quarts per day. The liver synthesizes bile and
delivers it to the gall bladder through many tiny bile ducts. The gall bladder is the liver’s storage reservoir for bile.
When you eat fat, the stomach signals the gall bladder that fat is on the way. The gall bladder in turn
contracts, sending bile into the small intestine to emulsify the fats. The mildest and most common symptom of gall bladder disease is intermittent pain called biliary colic, which occurs either in the mid or the right portion of the upper abdomen and/or back. Symptoms may be fairly nonspecific. And, while liver and gall bladder flushes can be
helpful there is always the risk of creating a biliary colic if the terrain and biliary ducts and stones are not
adequately prepared (MetPhos). Many people have “silent gall stones” that are often only discovered
accidentally when they are being investigated for some other seemingly unrelated problem.
With gall stones, much less cholesterol leaves the body because bile flow in the small intestine is needed to
precipitate excess cholesterol from the blood. As a consequence of reduced bile flow, cholesterol levels
may rise, even though a person’s diet may be good. Bile is a key factor that naturally kills many pathogens, such
as parasites, which commonly enter the digestive tract via food. If the bile flow weakens, the digestion becomes
less efficient, paving the way for more infection.

Bile acids are made in the liver by the cytochrome P450 mediated oxidation of cholesterol (Liver Milieu). They are conjugated with taurine and glycine and are then stored in the gall bladder which concentrates the salts by
removing the water. Bile salts and accompanying specific botanicals and enzymes serve to increase bile flow.
Gall stones are porous. They are breeding grounds for bacteria, cysts, viruses, yeast and parasites that are
passing through the liver. Clusters of infection form, continuously burdening the body’s defence systems. The
body cannot rid itself of these organisms without first purging sluggish and viscous bile. Many chronic
digestive problems are difficult to clear permanently without eliminating gall stones, gall stone sludge and
pathogens, from the liver and intestines. Contrary to the popular belief, that bacteria inside gall
stones are dead, gall stones from most patients contain live bacteria with the potential to cause infective
complications. Parasites are almost always present as well and will need to be eradicated for full gall bladder
recovery (giardia, blastocytes, tape, etc.). H. pylori has recently been observed in a high percentage of gall
bladder challenges (including stones). This gastritis creating bacteria live in the stomach lining and flare upon
intake of excess sugar or excess carbohydrates. Another area you may want to consider with biliary stasis
is the conjugation of hormones in the liver and their removal through the bile tract. If this function is not
properly completed, you may appear to have hormonal problems; however, the problem has its focus in the
liver and biliary tract.

2 caps contain: Chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri/Stone crusher) 250mg, Gold Coin Grass (Jin Qian Cao/Lysimachia) 250mg, Bile Salts (bovine) 85mg, L-Taurine 200mg, L-Glycine 50mg, Lipase 30 USP 50mg, Pepsin 1:10M 30mg, Lecithin 100mg, Tumeric (Curcuma longa) 100mg, Bupleurum root (Bupleurun chinensis) 100mg, Collinsonia (Collinsonia canadensis) 100 mg, Wild Indigo leaf (Polygonum tinctorium) 50mg, Beet root (Beta vulgaris) 50mg, Black Radish root (Raphanus sativus) 50mg

Dosage: 1-2 caps, 1-2x daily between meals