Ultracell™ Hemp Oil (30mL) Berry

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Ultra Cell Berry
Ultracell™ Hemp Oil (30mL) Berry

UltraCell™ contains a blend of full spectrum hemp oil and other nutrients like prebiotics & antioxidants. UltraCell™ contains a myriad of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids. UltraCell™ is processed with a proprietary technology that converts oil content into a water-soluble form to maximize bioavailability.

UltraCell™ is a proprietary dietary supplement manufactured by Zilis, LLC. UltraCell™ is not made from marijuana nor should UltraCell™ be confused with an isolate or medical grade CBD oil. Rather, UltraCell™ is a full spectrum hemp oil dietary supplement. The product is sourced from USDA certified organic industrial hemp plants cultivated under license by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and contract grown pesticide and herbicide-free. The fields from which UltraCell™ is derived were tested by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and certified compliant with the Colorado Industrial Hemp Regulatory Program Act. Every batch of UltraCell™ is independently HPLC tested. The certificate of analysis on the only batch of UltraCell™ produced thus far was issued by Botancor (www.botanacor.com) on November 7, 2017. It verifies that UltraCell™ contains less than 4.9% cannibidiol by weight and 0.00% THC. All UltraCell™ produced will follow the same rigorous analysis with results published at www.zilis.com.