ADD/ADHA Support

ADD/ADHD In today’s society, ADD and ADHD are common household words with as many as 5.2 million children diagnosed with ADHD. Unfortunately, it has become common procedure to treat these behavioral disorders with stimulant drugs. This is a problem because the drugs only temporarily manage the symptoms and do not fix the underlying causes. We, at LWTI, believe that with improving diet, detoxing, using all natural supplements to fix nutritional imbalances, and fixing the child’s gastrointestinal tract, we can help improve these behavioral disorders all naturally. This effective and healthy approach allows us to fix the child’s body, which effects the brain, and restore the mind-body connection. If your child or loved one is suffering from these disorders or is having trouble concentrating and performing in school, please call us at 804-562-8554 so that we can help. We will investigate to determine the personalized program needed for your loved one.