Brain Boost“Start off with the right brain.” Do you or your little loved one struggle in school or have they lost interest due to frustration and humiliation? Or, are you having trouble concentrating and performing your daily job duties? LWTI’s highly respected and effective BRAIN BOOST has proven results of improving concentration in children and adults, allowing better performance in school and work, as well as boosting their immune systems. In today’s society, ADD and ADHD are common household words with as many as 5.2 million children diagnosed with ADHD. Unfortunately, it has become common procedure to treat these behavioral disorders with stimulant drugs. This is a problem because the drugs only temporarily mask the symptoms and do not identify or fix the underlying causes. BRAIN BOOST is successful because it is a unique protocol, designed exclusively by LWTI, that uses state-of-the-art technology to investigate and pinpoint the underlying causes of these disorders. With this information, we will create a complete and individualized plan of action for you or your loved one. We recognize that the body is connected to the mind, and if the body is not operating properly, then the mind can not perform at its fullest capabilities. Our BRAIN BOOST works because we help solve the root causes by improving diet, detoxing, using all natural supplements to fix nutritional and hormonal imbalances, and fixing the gastrointestinal tract. This culmination of protocols allows us to fix the individual’s body, which effects the brain, and restores the mind-body connection. If your child or loved one is suffering from these disorders or is having trouble concentrating and performing in school, please call us at 804-562-8554 and ask about our BRAIN BOOST. We will investigate to determine the personalized program needed for you or your loved one. © 2012 Living Well Today International Appointment Scheduling Software