Adrenotone by Design for Health

Adrenotone (formerly Adrenotone Plus) This formula contains botanical and nutritional support for enhancement of adrenal cortical and medullary function, adrenal rejuvenation, increased hypothalamic receptor function, and address depletions common to those suffering from the effects of chronic stress. Caffeine, sugar, and stress weaken and exhaust the adrenal glands which then results in low energy and illness. Adrenotone is an herbal formula that helps naturally strengthen the adrenal glands. The adrenals are responsible for energy levels, healthy hormone balance, stress adaptation, and immune system strength during times of stress or immune weakness. Many experts believe that weak adrenals is one of the most prevalent undiagnosed conditions causing much of the commonly seen and untreatable fatigue. Also, much of chronic illness is due to an overstressing of the adrenal glands. Benefits of Adrenotone: Helps Chronic Fatigue & Addison's Disease Increases endurance and stamina in endurance runners Helps support daily energy levels Supports the adrenal glands during times of stress Promotes hormone balance and overall wellness Read customer questions and answers about Other Health Concerns on our blog. Is Adrenotone safe for long term use? Yes, Adrenotone is a great daily herbal adaptogenic formula for everyday and long term support of the adrenals. What additional nutritional supplements can I take for adrenal exhaustion or severe fatigue? Adrenal Complex can be added to your program, and if your DHEA hormone levels are on the low side, you may want to add this hormone in as well. What foods and lifestyle factors contribute to my weak adrenal glands? The standard American diet is one filled with sweets, processed foods, and caffeine. This diet coupled with stress and physical inactivity leads to a weakening of your adrenals! Click here to download Adrenotone Plus PDF File