Colostrum Pro by Symbiotics 6.3oz

ColostrumPRO 6.3 OZDietary SupplementImmune System StabilizerPowder Colostrum SupplementProfessional Strength PROSymbiotics® ColostrumPRO™ with Immulox® is the preferred choice of physicians worldwide. ColostrumPRO with Immulox enhances normal immune factors, providing dual action – in the bloodstream and in the digestive tract, to help maintain a robust intestinal lining and promote healthy intestinal flora.* Colostrum’s naturally occurring growth factors may enhance stamina and support normal re-growth of lean muscle after strenuous exercise when consumed at the recommended level of 6 additional servings per day (total 7 servings).*Professional Strength PROSymbiotics ColostrumPRO with Immulox. This standardized, instantized powder, offers a high potency proprietary complex consisting of Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulins, Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) and Immulox. The amount of Immulox found in all PROSymbiotics products is double the amount offered in the regular Symbiotics, our retail line. Immulox is Colostrum standardized to contribute a higher concentration of PRPs. PRPs are signaling proteins with amazing adaptability for immune modulation, considered to be the most important constituent in colostrum. Minimum levels of these components are verified by laboratory testing.Quality and Purity Assured. Collected exclusively from USDA Grade A dairies and only from first milking. Laboratory tested and verified free from pesticides, antibiotics and rBHT hormones. A truly natural product, our colostrum may vary in taste, aroma, consistency and color. Each bottle is double sealed for quality and safety. Close tightly and store in cool, dry place (below 75ºF), away from heat.Directions:Mix 3 g (1 scoop - included) with water or your drink of choice, on an empty stomach.For athletic training and recovery, or during times of environmental or physical stress, take up to an additional 6 servings per day.Supplement FactsServing Size: 1 scoopCalories 30Total Carbohydrates 1 g Sugars 1 gProtein 2 g Sodium 6 mg Calcium 15 mg Bovine Colostrum 3 g (Pasteurized Cow Pre-MILK)Immunoglobulins (IgG) 690 mg Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) 180 mg Lactoferrin 30 mgOther Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglycerides, Sunflower Lecithin.CONTAINS: MILK