GUNA- Awareness

For the temporary relief of symptoms of Impaired Cognitive Function such as: Inability to Concentrate, Restlessness, Easy distractibility.Ingredients:Aurum metallicum 12XBrain derived neurotrophic factor 4CBufo rana 12XCalcarea carbonica 3XChromium sulphuricum 3XCicuta virosa 12XCobalamin 3XCoenzyme Q 3XCuprum metallicum 12XFerrum metallicum 3XFolic acid 3XFrontal lobe 6XLachesis mutus 12XMelatonin 4CMolybdenum metallicum 3XNeurotrophin 3 4CNeurotrophin 4 4COxytocin 6XSilicea 12XTemporal lobe 6XThyrotropin-releasing hormone 3XTrimethylglycine 3XVanadium metallicum 6XZincum metallicum 3XDirections:10 drops 3 times a day in a little water. Take 15 minutes before meals over extended periods of time