Habifac 50 ml by Pekana

Habifac oral drops - For treatment of an inherited disposition toward acute and chronic illness. Recurrent acute and chronic illnesses to to genetic or "constitutional" influences indicate a continuous toxic burden that the body is unable to eliminate via the normal excretion pathways, including the liver, kidneys and intestines. Combined with infections and infestation from bacterial, mycotic or viral pathogens, this ever-increasing toxic burden impairs and compromises the body's immune response and eventually causes cellular damage. If the toxic burden and pathogenic milieu is not corrected, the physical, mental and emotional dysfunction that results may lead to genetic damage and become a co-factor in the development of severe or terminal illnesses, such as cancer and immune disorders. HABIFAC drops help eliminate this chronic toxic burden and address the patient's permanent sickness disposition. This remedy also treats an geneticall compromised immune system, connective tissue intoxification, constitutional anomalies and derailed metabolic processes.