ImmunoMod-A 120 caps by Designs for Health

ImmunoMod-A™ has been formulated to help balance a healthy inflammatory response, which is necessary in order to help maintain optimal immune function in the body. It features ParActin®, an extract of the herb Andrographis paniculata, which has been shown to modulate immune, inflammatory and oxidative pathways. This product also contains the monosaccharide N-acetyl-D-glucosamine along with curcumin, a polyphenolic compound extract from the spice turmeric. Both of these compounds help to support a healthy inflammatory response.

ImmunoMod-A™ is specifically designed to help modulate a healthy, appropriate immune response for individuals with autoimmune conditions.  Excessive chronic inflammation, which is seen in autoimmune conditions, is a pathophysiological contributor to many disease processes. Due to such things as age, chronically high levels of oxidative stress, infectious states, and exposure to various foods and environmental antigens, signaling proteins like NF-κβ – which controls the expression of many genes linked to inflammation and the immune responses – can become overexpressed. This provokes a pathological inflammatory cascade and subsequent immune imbalance through the overproduction of inflammatory cytokines. 

Mechanisms of Action

• Activates the peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) nuclear receptor. When activated, PPARγ not only stimulates the expression of genes involved in energy homeostasis, but also key regulators of the immune and inflammatory responses.

• Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent by inhibiting NF-κB and subsequent downstream cytokine production (including TNF-α, Il-2, and IFN-γ), as well as the COX 1 and COX2 enzymes involved in fatty acid metabolism and inflammation.

• Modulates Th1/Th2 balance (T helper cells), to help support a healthy immune response. 

Together, the ingredients in ImmunoMod-A™ work to support the proper expression of  NF-κβ and its related downstream cytokines to help maintain a healthy, balanced immune response.**