RCCP Program by Physica

Healing can only be fully accomplished when the extra cellular matrix (ECM) is clarified and draining and the cells are well nourished and hydrated. In order for difficult and/or developing conditions to become accessible for treatment (opening the case) it is vital that the pathways for drainage are open prior to detoxification. Simultaneous to this process, a highly functional uptake nutritional system must be in place and provided for through the addition of stabilizing supplementation, bowel and digestion regulation, electrolytes, organ relief, hydration, ionic minerals, etc. The RCCP program is designed specifically to accomplish these central functions and assist the pathways of cell signaling and communication in the removal of xenobiotic interferences.
This RCCP program comes complete with all remedies and easy to follow patient instruction booklet, the award winning Detox Solution book by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, all contained, organized and presented in a professional dispensory box kit.
Front desk, marketing office display unit, is available upon request.