Theanine and Caffeine Caps by Powder City

What is L-Theanine?This supplement is what gives tea its notorious calming effects. It promotes relaxation without being sedative, meaning it will not induce drowsiness, yet will result in a calm, focused state of mind. Theanine is one of the few supplements that is able to pass the blood brain barrier, which enables its powerful effects.L-Theanine BenefitsL-Theanine as an AnxiolyticHigh levels of stress are associated with sleep related issues, heart complications, and a vast amount of other health issues. Theanine helps combat stress on a cerebral level by helping the brain relax [2]. It does so by elevating "happy hormones" [1] and decreasing stress hormone release, such as cortisol [3,5].L-Theanine boosts dopamine and serotonin [1], both of which are neurotransmitters related to one's sense of well-being. Additionally, it induces relaxation by decreasing norepinephrine (adrenaline) concentrations in the brain [1].Theanine for SleepThis powerful amino acid may be helpful for those struggling with sleep quality, or those that want to accomplish as much as possible while undergoing periods of sleep deprivation. Sleepiness and fatigue are not induced following consumption, because theanine is not sedative in nature; however, research suggests that supplementation can improve sleep quality [8]. Studies point to a decrease in sleep activity, such as tossing and turning, when supplementing with Theanine. Users have reported feeling as if they have slept more than they actually have if supplementation preceded sleep [8].L-Theanine's Cognitive BenefitsImprovements in memory, focus, and attention span are often reported when consuming theanine, primarily due to the amino acid's ability to increase Alpha-1 brain activity [7]. Elevated Alpha brain wave activity is linked to improvements in focus, maintaining cognitive performance under stress, improved learning abilities, decreased anxiety, and even improvements in creativity [4,5].The birth of neurons, known as neurogenesis, is suggested to be ameliorated by theanine; particularly in the hippocampus, which is the area of the brain responsible for memory storage [10]. The rise in dopamine and serotonin furthers the improved memory storage potential, as elevated levels of either of these neurotransmitters is linked to improvements in learning and memory [1].Caffeine + TheanineCaffeine is known for enhancing alertness and combating fatigue and research shows that it also improves reaction time while also improving the ability to process information [11]. However, it can leave one feeling jittery, scatterbrained, and anxious. L-Theanine helps to eliminate these downfalls while actually augmenting the positive effects of caffeine.A study observing the cognitive benefits of caffeine vs. caffeine + theanine indicates that combining the two supplements results in improved mental performance in speed and accuracy tests while reducing susceptibility to distractions [6]. Additionally, the L-Theanine and Caffeine combination is believed to be beneficial for improving performance when attempting to surmount a cognitively demanding task, while caffeine without l-theanine can decrease performance.L-Theanine's Performance BenefitsElevated nitric oxide levels is known for improving blood flow and nitric oxide production is increased when supplementing with L-theanine [9]. The increase in blood flow combined with its ability to enhance focus and alertness makes caffeine + theanine a solid alternative to traditional pre-workout formulas.