UltraClear PLUS pH Pineapple Banana flavovored by Metagenics

UltraClear PLUS, provided as a powdered beverage mix, is a medical food to nutritionally support the management of chronic fatigue syndrome and is designed for patients who may benefit from additional nutritional support for Phase II hepatic detoxification function. Provides the same great macro- and micronutrient base formula and benefits as UltraClear, but with added support for those people with low Phase II activities. Features added glycine, taurine, sodium sulfate, and catechins from decaffeinated green tea to better support Phase II activities. Safe for long term use in individuals with chronic exposure to toxins. Available in delicious Original, Natural Berry, and Natural Pineapple Banana flavors. Comes with a Quick-Start Guide or a more comprehensive Patient Guide for complete program guidelines. NOT AVAILABLE FOR FREE SHIPPING.